Come As You Are Lyrics & Chords

By David Crowder

(C)Come out of (F)sadness From wherever you've (C)been (F)Come broken (C)hearted Let rescue (G)begin (C)Come (G)find your (Am)mercy Oh sinner (F)come (C)kneel (F)Earth has (C)no sorrow That (G)heaven can't (Am)heal (F)Earth has (C)no sorrow That (G)heaven can't (Am)heal Chorus (F)So lay down your burdens Lay (C)down your shame (F)All who are broken (C)Lift up your (G)face (F)Oh wanderer come (C)home You're not too (Am)far (F)So lay down your hurt Lay down your (G)heart (Am)Come as you are Verse 2 There's hope for the hopeless And all those who've strayed Come sit at the table Come taste the grace There's rest for the weary Rest that endures Earth has no sorrow That heaven can't cure Bridge (F)Come as you are (Am)Fall in his arms (G)Come as you are Verse 3 There's joy for the morning Oh sinner be still Earth has no sorrow That heaven can't heal Earth has no sorrow That heaven can't heal

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