Come And See (What Jesus Did) Lyrics & Chords

By Rodney Birch

(G)She was twelve years old, the (C)Bible (G)said When life just up and gave her (D)away In the hands of death, she reached for life Her mother wept, her father cried... she’s (G)dead (G)Jesus wrote a (C)different (G)story Another chance for God to receive (D)glory He woke her up and took her by the hand Restored to her, life again And this is all they heard the young girl (G)say Chorus (G)Come and see... what (C)Jesus (G)did When who I was... met who He (D)is Come and be(G)hold... so you’ll (C)believe Don’t take my (G)word... just (D)come and (G)see Once again, death came for life And left behind a trail of broken tears Sickness came to Lazarus’ life And empty tomb, his body soon would fill So Jesus came, and Jesus wept They said, come see our brother in the grave A stone was rolled, a prayer was prayed Come forth rang out, death ran away Belief was born as faith stood to say.

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