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Clinging To A Saving Hand Lyrics & Chords

By Bill Mack

Chorus (G)Sing me a (C)song of praise and (G)glory Help this wandering child to understand. That when I close my eyes in (Em)sleep eter(C)nal I'll be (G)clinging to a (C)saving (G)hand. (G)I want you to sing to me (C)about the rock of (G)ages, And sing about eternity so sweet. So that when I take my last (Em)breath of (C)life I'll (G)awaken at (C)my Savior's (G)feet. (G)I want you to tell me (C)about Paul and (G)Matthew And sing about my dear Savior's birth And tell about his trials and tri(Em)bula(C)tions. While he (G)walked upon his (A)heathen (G)Earth.

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