Church Behind The Wall Lyrics & Chords

By Hank Locklin

(D)Do you ever get that feeling you (G)want to see an old (D)friend (G)Just to sit down once (D)more and talk (A)again But you know he's down in prison (G)neglected by the (D)fall (G)But he can find (D)salvation in the (A)church behind the (D)wall (A)There roves the way that (G)leads to the (D)throne But (A)somewhere in our hearts we missed the (D)call (G)Let us come together in the (D)will of the Lord And (A)pray for the church behind the (D)wall In every man that God created its not yet been revealed But He says that we will all be like He is His precious loving Son died on the cross for all And He loves all His people in the church behind the wall The harvest is ripe and the labors are few But are we sowing seeds of bitter gone Am I my brothers keeper so blinded our eyes We can't see the church behind the wall (G)Let us come together in the (D)name of the Lord Go and build a (A)church behind the (D)wall Pray for the (A)church behind the (D)wall

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