Christ My Hope, My Glory Lyrics & Chords

HighRoad feat. Jason Crabb

Verse 1 (G)My hope is not in (C)temporal (Em)things The (C)gain from earthly (D)trea(G)sure The fleeting pleasures (C)it may (Em)bring Are (C)one day gone (D)for(G)ever Verse 2 (G)It can’t be found in (C)men’s app(Em)lause Though for (C)now it’s (D)plea(G)sing The hollow empty (C)praise it (Em)lauds (C)leaves the soul still (D)nee(G)ding Chorus My (C)hope is built on nothing (Em)less than (C)Jesus blood and (D)righteous(G)ness He alone is life to (C)me (Am)Christ my hope my (D)glo(G)ry Verse 3 There is a hope that’s flowing free Rushing like a river From the cross of Calvary To the soul surrendered Chorus My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness He alone is life to me Christ my hope my glory´ Bridge (G)On Christ the solid (C)rock I stand all (G)other ground is sinking (D)sand All (G)other (C)ground is (D)sinking (G)sand

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