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Camping In Canaan’s Land Lyrics & Chords

By Albert E. Brumley

(D)I have left the land of bondage (G)with its earthly treasures I've (D)journeyed to the place where there is (E)love on every (A)hand (D)I've exchanged the land of heartaches (G)for the land of pleasure I'm (D)camping, I'm camping, in (A)Canaan's happy (D)land Chorus Every day I'm camping (camping) in the land of Canaan (Canaan) And in rapture I survey its wondrous beauty grand (Oh, Glory) Glory, hallelujah (I have) found the land of promise (And I'm) camping, I'm camping, in Canaan's happy land Out of Egypt I have traveled through the darkness dreary Far over hills and valleys and across the desert sands Thoughts of land that's safe and homeward I shall not go weary I'm camping, I'm camping, in Canaan's happy land Yes I've reached the land of promise with the saints of glory My journey ended in a place so lovely and so grand I've been led by Jesus to this blessed land of story I'm camping, I'm camping, in Canaan's happy land

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