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Calvary Is The Reason Why Lyrics & Chords

By Del Way

(G)I was lost but You (C)knew where to (G)find me I was (A)hungry You were bread for my (D)soul I was (G)thirsty and You gave (C)living water You were my (G)shelter when I (D)had no place to (G)go Chorus That's why (G)sometimes I just (D)want to (G)praise You Some(C)times just to (D)speak Your (G)name Some(C)times I just want to (G)thank You With(A)out asking You for a (D)thing Oh (G)sometimes I (D)lift my hands (G)to You And some(C)times all I (D)do is (G)cry Every(C)thing that I have I owe (G)to (C)You, Lord And (G)Calvary's the (D)reason (G)why When I think of the love that You've given Lord when I think of the price You paid for me Then the trials on earth, they just seem like nothing When they're compared to dark Calvary

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