When I Call on Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Nicole C. Mullen

(G)I'm so (D)ve(C)ry (G)ordi(D)na(C)ry (G)Nothing (D)spe(C)cial (F)on my (D)own (G)I have (D)ne(C)ver walked on (D)water (G)I have (D)ne(C)ver (F)calmed a (D)storm Sometimes I'm (G)hiding (C)away From the (Em)madness (D)around me Like a (G)child who's (C)afraid of the (D)dark Chorus But when I call on (G)Jesus All things are (D)possible I can (C)mount on wings like (G)eagles and (D)soar When I call on (G)Jesus Mountains are (D)gonna fall 'Cause He'll move heaven And (G)earth to (C)come rescue (D)me when I (G)call Weary brother, broken daughter Widowed, widowed lover You're not alone if you're tired and Scared of the madness around you If you can't find the strength to carry on Bridge (Gm)Call Him in the (C)mornin' (Gm)In the after(C)noon time (Gm)Late in the (C)evenin' (Gm)He'll be (D)there (Gm)When your heart is (C)broken (Gm)And you feel dis(C)couraged (Gm)You can just (C)remember that He (D)said He'll be (E)there

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