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Call It Grace Lyrics & Chords

By Unspoken

Verse 1 (G)It's the light that pierces through you To the (C)darkest hidden (G)place It knows your deepest secrets But it (Em)never looks (D)away It's the (G)gentle hand that pulls you From the (C)judgement of the (G)crowd When you (C)stand before them (G)guilty And you (Em)got no way (D)out Chorus Some may (Em)call it (C)foolish and (G)impossible But for (Em)every heart it (C)rescues, it's a (G)miracle It's (Em)nothing less than (C)scandalous This (G)love that took our (D)place Just (C)call it what it (D)is, call it (G)grace Call it grace Verse 2 It's the breath that's breathing new life Into what we thought was dead It's the favor that takes orphans Placing crowns upon their heads It's the hope for our tomorrows The rock on which we stand It's a strong and mighty fortress Even Hell can't stand against Bridge (Em)Amazing, (D)unshaking (G)This is grace, (D)this is grace (Em)Unchanging, (D)unfailing (G)This is grace, (D)this is grace

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