Born To Serve The Lord Lyrics & Chords

By The Rupers

Verse 1 (D)From the dust of the earth, our (G)God created (D)man, His breath made man a living (A)soul. For (D)God so loved the world, that He (G)gave His only (D)son, and that is (A)why I love Him (D)so. Chorus (D)I was made in his likeness, (G)created in his (D)image, for I was (E)born to serve the (A)Lord, And (D)I can't deny him, I'll (G)always walk (D)beside him, for I was (A)born to serve the (D)Lord. Verse 2 My hands were made to help my neighbor, My eyes were made to read God's word, My feet were made to walk in his footsteps, My body is the temple of the Lord. Chorus I was made in His likeness created in His image for I was born to serve the Lord And I can't deny Him I'll always walk beside Him For I was born to serve the Lord. I will serve thee, because I love thee For I was born, to serve the Lord.

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