I Feel The Pull Lyrics & Chords

(D)Sometimes I (G)lay in bed and I begin to (C)cry, My (D)mind desires to know exactly (G)why I (D)cant exp(G)lain with tongue or (Em)pen the spirit (C)stirring deep with(Em)in it must be (G)God here in my (D)soul, I feel the (G)Pull Chorus I (D)feel the (G)Pull, Lord I (Em)heard your (C)call and the (D)Spirits moving me to give you my (G)all (D) He speaks to (G)me and (C)I a(Em))gree Lord please (D)come and take control, I feel the (G)Pull I wept to hear the word and message line and phrase it was Your Spirit calling me to give a higher praise. There's a deep that calls to the deep, like a great magnet calling me I know for sure that I reach that goal, for I feel that Pull. And with His presence here my heart can only burn and I know it's just a shadow of His return, oh what a thrill this blood that I feel it's so perfect and it's so real The Holy Ghost is now in control, He is my Pull So I kneel down to pray and I close my eyes and I leave this world and its cares so far behind Than something happens and it's so profound, it's like I am lifted of the ground. Power so strong leading me on, He is the Pull

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