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Write Your Story Lyrics & Chords

By Francesca Battistelli

(D)They say You're the King of every(Bm)thing The One who taught the wind to (A)sing The Source of the rhythm my (G)heart keeps beating They (D)say, You can give the blind their (Bm)sight And You can bring the dead to (A)life You can be the hope my (G)soul's been seekin' (D)I wanna tell You now that I believe it I (Bm)wanna tell You now that I believe it I (A)do, that You can make me (G)new, oh Chorus (D)I'm an empty page I'm an (G)open book Write Your story (Bm)on my heart Come on and (G)make Your (A)mark (D)Author of my hope Maker (G)of the stars Let me be Your (Bm)work of art Won't You (G)write Your story on my heart (D)Write Your story, write Your (G)story Come on and (Bm)write Your story, write Your story Won't You (G)write Your story on my (A)heart My life, I know it's never really been mine So do with it whatever You like I don't know what Your plan is But I know it's good, yeah I wanna tell You now that I believe in I wanna tell You now that I believe in In You, so do what You do, oh (Bm)I want my history (G)To be Your legacy (D)Go ahead and show this world (A)What You've done in me (Bm)And when the music fades (G)I want my life to (D)say (A) I let You (D)write Your story, write Your (Bm)story (A)Write Your story, write Your (G)story

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