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Word Of Life Lyrics & Chords

By Jeremy Camp

Verse 1 (D)Word Speak to my weary heart strengthen my (Am)broken (C)parts Lead me to Your open (G)arms Word of (D)truth, Illuminate all these lies The enemy (Am)speaks (C)inside in freedom I will (G)rise Chorus (C)‘Cause You called me out from the (D)grave So I can (Em)live like I've been (G)changed There is a (C)new song in my (D)soul And it (Em)begins when I breathe (G)in Your word of (D)life Verse 2 Spirit of God take me to a deeper place Take me out of what is safe I will not be afraid Spirit of God fill me with joy again Springing up from within it cannot be contained Bridge (C)The old has gone away (D)Only Your love remains (Em)I am alive today (G)‘Cause You called me (D)out

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