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Where I Belong Lyrics & Chords

By Building 429

(Em)Sometimes it feels like I'm watching (C)from the outside (Em)Sometimes it feels like I'm breathing (C)but am I alive (Em)I won't keep searching for answers (C)that aren't here to (D)find Chorus (G)All I know is I'm (D)not home yet (Em)This is not where I (C)belong (G)Take this world and give me (D)Jesus (Em)This is not where I (C)belong (Em)So when the walls come falling (C)down on me (Em)And when I'm lost in the current (C)of a raging sea (Em)I have this blessed (C)assurance holding (D)me. Bridge (F)When the (C)earth shakes I wanna be (G)found in (D)You When the lights (F)fade I (C)wanna be found in (G)You (D)

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