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When The Stars Burn Down Lyrics & Chords

By Phillips Craig And Dean

Verse 1 (Em)When the stars burn down and the (C)earth wears out and we (G)stand before the (D)throne, (D)With the (Em)witnesses who have (C)gone before, We will (G)rise and all applaud. Chorus Singing, (C)"Blessing and honor and (G)glory and power (Em)forever to our (D)God." Singing, (C)"Blessing and honor and (G)glory and power (Em)forever to our (D)God." Verse 2 When the hands of time wind fully down And the earth is rolled up like a scroll, The trumpets will call and the world will fall to its knees as we go home. Bridge (G)Star of the morning, (C)Light of salvation, (Em)Majes(C)ty (G)God of all mysteries, (C)Lord of the universe, (Em)Righteous (C)king Verse 3 There will come a day, standing face to face, in a moment we'll be like Him. He will wipe our eyes dry and take us up to His side And forever we will be His.

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