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When Mercy Found Me Lyrics & Chords

By Rhett Walker Band

Verse 1 (Bm)I can't count the broken roads (G)I've been down But all I know (D)Something had to give (A)Something had to give 'Cause (Bm)living my life so wild and free (G)Finally caught up Oh it left me (D)broken, left me (A)hopeless But (G)that's where I met (Em)Jesus Chorus (G)And in one moment (D)everything changed (A)Who I was got (Em)washed (G)away When (D)mercy (A)found (Bm)me (G)My Savior's arms were (D)open wide And (A)I felt love for the (Em)very first time (G)When (D)mercy (A)found (Bm)me (G)When (D)mercy (A)found (G)me (D) (A) Verse 2 All those days and all those doubts They don't seem to matter now His grace is all I need Oh, His grace is all I need And the chains that I was in before They don't hold me anymore His love has rescued me Oh, His love has set me free Tag (G)My mind found peace (Bm)My soul found hope (Em)My heart found a home

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