When Jesus Calls All His Children Lyrics & Chords

By Buck Owens & Red Simpson

(D)Someday (G)someway (A)somewhere you will (D)see (G)Jesus will (D)call for (E)you and for (A)me And (D)we'll all be together as (G)our new life begins When (D)Jesus calls all his (A)children (D)in Chorus (D)When Jesus calls all his (G)children in When the (D)trumpet sounds that's (E)when we will walk (A)in Yes we'll (D)walk the streets of Glory with (G)Jesus hand in hand When (D)Jesus calls all his (A)children (D)in Someday those pearly gates will swing wide For all of God's children to walk inside What a wonderful feeling that will be then When Jesus calls all his children in

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