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When Hope Came Down Lyrics & Chords

By Kari Jobe

Verse 1 (G)So this is how it was A silent night like (C)any other, (G)When heaven sent the one, The one we will (C)call our savior, And (Am)redemption (Bm)begins, In a (C)stable in (Am)Bethle(C)hem, Chorus All of the (G)angels lifted up their voices, And (C)filled the night with Hallelujah's, (Bm)God is with us (C)now, Everyone (G)come and join the heavenly chorus, Our (C)Savior King is here before us, All to (Bm)hear the (C)sound The (Bm)song creation (C)sang When Hope Came (G)Down, Verse 2 So This was truly God, Wrapped in a tattered blanket, Love was finally here, Sleeping while the world awakened, And redemption begins, With a baby in Bethlehem, Bridge So let us (C)sing Redemption (D)Song, Let us (C)worship Christ the (D)Holy one, We were (C)lost, but we were (D)found, When Hope Came (G)Down, When Hope Came (C)Down

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