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What A Friend Thou Art To Me Lyrics

By Fanny Crosby & Hubert P. Main

O my Redeemer, What a friend Thou art to me! Oh, what a refuge I have found in Thee! When the way was dreary, And my heart was sore oppressed, ’Twas Thy voice that lulled me To a calm sweet rest. Chorus Nearer, draw nearer, Till my soul is lost in Thee; Nearer, draw nearer, Blessèd Lord, to me. When in their beauty Stars unveil their silver light, Then, O my Savior, Give me songs at night— Songs of yonder mansions, Where the dear ones, gone before, Sing Thy praise for ever, On that peaceful shore. Jesus, my Savior, When the last deep shadows fall; When in the silence I shall hear Thy call— In Thine arms reposing, Let me breathe my life away, And awake triumphant, In eternal day.

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