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We Won't Be Home Until Then Lyrics & Chords

By Don Reid | The Statler Brothers

(C)The many years have (F)come and (C)gone And oh so (G)many (C)friends But God (E)will be (F)beside me (C)till Eterni(G)ty shall (C)end And (F)we won't be (G)home until (C)then praise (Am)God (F)We won't be (G)home until (C)then Till that (F)final re(G)lease when my (C)soul is at (F)peace No and (C)we won't (G)be home until (C)then Leave the world a better place And pay the debts you owe The price that can't through heaven's door Was paid off years ago And we won't be home until then praise God We won't be home until then Till that final release when my soul is at peace No and we won't be home until then We won't be home until then

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