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Waiting Here For You Lyrics & Chords

By Christy Nockels

Verse 1 (C)If faith can move the mountains (Am)Let the mountains (G)move We (C)come with expectation (Am)Waiting here for (G)you, waiting here for (C)you Verse 2 (C)You're the Lord of all creation And (Am)still you know my (G)heart The (C)author of salvation You've (Am)loved us from the (G)start Chorus (F)Waiting here for (C)you With our (Dm)hands lifted (Am)hi(G)gh in (F)praise And it's (C)you we (Dm)adore Singing (Am)Al(G)le(Am)lu(G)ia Verse 3 You are everything you've promised Your faithfulness is true And we're desperate for your presence All we need is you Bridge We will wait for you, Lord, he'll stand with you We will sing alleluia Singing Alleluia, alleluia Singing Alleluia, alleluia

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