The Eyes Of Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Booth Brothers

Verse 1 (D)Some times it (G)seems God’s a million miles away Too (D)busy for a creature such as (G)I And (D)then I (G)think of how He sees each (D)sparrow (G)fall I (D)call on Him and (A)find that He is (D)nigh Chorus (D)The eyes of (G)Jesus (D)are upon each (G)footstep that I take His ears are (A)always open when I (G)pray His hands are always there to (D)help me (G)lift my (A)heavy load His heart is broken (D)every time I (G)stray. Verse 2 In valleys low I look toward the mountains high And praise the Lord that caused this world to be. To think that God so great holds me safe within His arms What love that He should ever care for me. Chorus The eyes of Jesus are upon each footstep that I take His ears are always open when I pray His hands are always there to help me lift my heavy load His heart is broken every time I stray.

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