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Beulah Land Lyrics & Chords

(D)I'm kind of homesick(G) for a (D)country
to which I've ne(G)ver been (D)before
No sad goodbyes (G)will there be (D)spoken
Cause time won't mat(G)ter (A)any(D)more

(D)Beulah Land(G) I'm longing (D)for you
and some(D)day (G)on thee I'll (A)stand
And there my (D)home(G) shall be (D)eter(Bm)nal
Beulah (D)Land, (A)sweet Beulah (D)land

(D)I'm looking now(G) just across the (D)river
And I can see (G) the other (D)side
Theres just a few(G) more days to (D)labor
Then I will ta(G)ake my heav(A)enly (D)flight

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