Not Guilty Lyrics & Chords

By Mandisa

Verse 1 (C)I stand accused There's a list a mile (G)long Of all my (Am)sins Of everything that I've done (F)wrong I'm so (C)ashamed There's nowhere left for me to (G)hide This is the (Am)day I must answer for my (F)life Pre-Chorus (G)My fate is (C)in the Judge's (F)hands (G)But then He turns to me and (C)says Chorus (C)I know you, (G)I love you (Am)I gave My (F)life to save you (C)Love paid the price for (G)mercy (Am)My verdict (F)not guilty Verse 2 How can it be? I can't begin to comprehend What kind of grace Would take the place of all my sin? I stand in awe Now that I have been set free And the tears well up as I look at that cross 'Cause it should have been me Pre-Chorus My fate was in the nail scarred hands He stretched them out for me and said Chorus I know you, I love you I gave My life to save you Love paid the price for mercy My verdict not guilty Bridge (C)I'm falling on my knees to thank You (G)With everything I am I'll praise You (Am)So grateful for the words I heard You (F)ay

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