Love Broke Thru Lyrics & Chords

By TobyMac

Verse 1 (Am)I was feelin' that, feelin' that breeze Singin' like a (F)song thru the tall oak (C)trees It was (Am)just another summer night Had to be the (F)last thing on my (C)mind Yeah, I was (Am)all but lost in the moment I was (F)young and runnin' wide (C)open It was (Am)just another summer night Had to be the (F)last thing on my (C)mind Chorus When (Am)love broke thru You (F)found me in the dark(C)ness Wanderin' thru the desert I was a (Am)hopeless fool Now I'm (F)hopelessly devo(C)ted My chains are broken And it (Dm)all began with (F)You When love broke (C)thru Verse 2 I did all that I could to undo me But You loved me enough to pursue me Yeah, You drew me out of the shadows Made me believe that I mattered, to You You were there, You heard my prayer in that broke down dusty room It was the first time I said, “I'm Yours” The first time I called You Lord Bridge Yeah, it was (Dm)late in the summer when the northeast breeze (F)Sang like a song thru the oak trees Pennsyl(C)vania, she kind of caught my soul Which had me a little more open than closed (Dm)Walls I built opinions I learned (F)Covered in the ashes of bridges I burned (C)Blind to the arrow that headed to my heart But You hit the mark

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