In The Heavenly Pastures Fair Lyrics

By George F Root & M.A. Witakar

In the heavenly pastures fair, ‘Neath the tender Shepherd’s care, Let us rest beside the living stream today; Calmly there in peace recline, Drinking in the truth Divine, As His loving call we now with joy obey. Chorus Glorious streams of life eternal, Beauteous fields of living green Though revealed within the Word Of our Shepherd and our Lord, By the pure in heart alone can they be seen. Far from all the noise and strife That disturb our daily life. Let us pause awhile in silence and adore; Then the sound of His dear voice Will our waiting souls rejoice, As He nameth us His own for evermore. Oh, how good, and true, and kind, Seeking His stray sheep to find, If they wonder into danger from His side! Ever closely may we tread Where His holy feet have led; So at last with Him in heaven we may abide.

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