I'm A Trophy Of Grace Lyrics & Chords

By The McKameys

Verse 1 (C)If you had known me then, The way I was be(D)fore (Dm) (G)Then you’d (Dm)understand why, I can’t (G)hold back the (C)tears Now my life is so different, Since I gave it to the (F)Lord And I (C)want to give him glory, while I’m (Dm)here (D)I stand be(F)fore you (G)knowing, That’s its (C)only by (E)his (Am)grace (G)That I (F)am just (C)what I am to(Dm)day Chorus (G)I’m a trophy of (C)grace,(F) a display (G)of his (C)love I’m part of the (Dm)results from the (G)old rugged cross That (F)was stained with (G)his precious (C)blood (G)Though I’ll (C)never understand why He(F) died in my (Dm)place Just look at (C)me today because I can (G)say I’m a trophy of (C)grace Verse 2 Though there is no way, I can repay his love And the mercy he’s shown, is more than life to me Now there’s nothing I can do or say, That would be enough To pay the debt of sin he, paid for me My life’s a testimony of, His mercy love and grace And one day I will thank him, Face to face Chorus I’m a trophy of grace, a display of his love I’m part of the results from the old rugged cross That was stained with his precious blood Though I’ll never understand why He died in my place Just look at me today because I can say I’m a trophy of grace

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