If We Forget God Lyrics & Chords

By The Louvin Brothers

(D)If we forget God, (G)Satan will (D)rule If we forget (A)God, our nation is (D)doomed The stories and pictures (G)in most maga(D)zines now feature new stylings (E)unfit to be (A)seen They're (D)placed on the newsstand (G)where children can buy when they (D)go wrong (A)do we wonder (D)why. Chorus (D)If we forget God, his (G)mercy will (D)flee and sin will cover the (E)land and the (A)sea If (D)we forget God, (G)Satan will (D)rule If we forget (A)God our nation is (D)doomed. So many are climbing fame's golden hill by singing of evil that gives this world a thrill But I'll sing of Jesus and though they won't hear God will bless me for doing his will.

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