I Will Fear No More Lyrics & Chords

By Clint Brown

Verse 1 Every (Am)anxious (G)thought that (F)steals my (C)breath It’s a (Am)heavy (G)weight (F)upon my (C)chest As I (Am)lie awake and (G)wonder what the (F)future will (C)hold (Am)Help me to (G)remember that You’re (F)in con(C)trol Chorus You’re my (Am)courage when (G)I worry in the (F)dead of (C)night You’re my (Am)strength cause I’m (G)not strong enough to (F)win this (C)fight You are (Am)greater than (G)the battle raging (F)in my (C)mind I will (Am)trust you (G)Lord, I will (F)fear no (C)more Verse 2 I will lift my eyes I will lift my cares Lay them in Your hands I’ll leave them there When the wind and waves are coming You shelter me Even though I’m in the storm the storm is not in me Chorus You’re my courage when I worry in the dead of night You’re my strength cause I’m not strong enough to win this fight You are greater than the battle raging in my mind I will trust you Lord, I will fear no more Bridge No (C)power can come against me Cause You have overcome No (C)darkness can overwhelm me Cause You’ve already won No (Am)power can come (G)against me Cause (F)You have over(C)come No darkness can overwhelm me Cause You’ve already won

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