I Look Up Lyrics & Chords

By We Are Messengers

(G)I live my life in the valley (Em)It keeps my (C)eyes on you (G)I stay broken in the valley (Em)Yeah that's what (C)valley's do Pre-Chorus If I (Em)wanna catch a glimpse of something (G)bigger than me I (C)have to look up and when I look up Chorus I see that (G)love is a man hanging on a tree With his (Em)heart (C)poured out for (G)me (G)Love is a king watching over me And when I look (Em)up, He's (C)all I see I'm tired of chasing after feelings That are only found on mountaintops 'Cause when I'm standing on the top of everything I'm looking down not looking up I will hold to the promise that you're walking with me God you lead me through waters where I lay down to rest And I look up Yeah when I look up

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