By The Way Of The Cross Lyrics & Chords

By The Ruppes

Verse 1 (F)Condemned to die on a cross for (B)crimes he had done (F)He was guilty, everyone could (B)see. (C)But his (F)destiny was changed (C)as he (B)looked at Christ and said, (F)"When Your kingdom comes, remember (C)me." In Para(Dm)dise that day, he stood Just (C)like the (F)Lord had said he would Sur(B)rounded by those (C)who had gone be(F)fore. (Dm)One said, "Friend, how did you (C)come? What are the (Am)deeds you have (Dm)done?" With (Gm)tears in his eyes, I can (C)hear him reply, "There are no (Dm)merits to my name no (F)works that I can claim. He Who (Gm)brought me here (B)told me to (Eb)say Chorus (C)I have (F)come by the way of the (B)cross. I have (F)come by the way of the (B)cross. It is (Am)nothing I have (Dm)done. It's the (A)suffering of God's (Db)Son. I have (Gm)come by the way (C)of the (F)cross." Verse 2 I have nothing to claim but my guilt and my shame. Hopelessly lost, I could not find my way. Till His glorious light of love shone down on me. His mercy washed all my sins away! And what He did for me that day Was a price I could not pay. And by His grace, I too can say forever say Chorus I have come by the way of the cross. I have come by the way of the cross. It is nothing I have done. It's the suffering of God's Son. I have come by the way of the cross." Bridge (C)I see (Dm)millions gathered 'round the throne From every (F)kindred and tongue Those re(B)deemed by the (C)blood of the (Am)Lamb! (F)As as they (Dm)cast their crowns down (F)at His feet (Gm)This will be my story, (C)this will be my (Db)song.

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