I Got Saved Lyrics & Chords

By Selah

Verse 1 (C)There is a river of gladness That pours from Emmanuel's (F)veins (G)This sinner was plunged (C)Beneath the flood And got (F)saved Verse 2 (C)Since then I walk in forgiveness All of (F)my guilt was erased (G)The chains of the past Are broken (F)at last I got (C)saved (F)Oh, I got (G)saved! Chorus (G)I'm un(C)done by the (F)mercy of (G)Jesus I'm un(C)done by the (F)goodness of the (G)Lord (F) I'm (Am)restored and made right He got a (F)hold of my life I've got (C)Jesus How (G)could I want (C)more? Verse 3 I've received nothing but goodness I've tested and tasted Your grace I was so lost, 'til I fell at the cross And got saved Oh, I got saved! Chorus I'm undone by the mercy of Jesus I'm undone by the goodness of the Lord I'm restored and made right He got a hold of my life I've got Jesus How could I want more?! Bridge (G)The love of God Gave me His (C)pardon The love of (G)God Won't let me stay (C)the same The love of (G)God Pulls me (Am)up higher His will is (F)stronger That's why I got (G)saved!

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