I Call Him Lyrics & Chords

By Johnny & Ray Cash

(G)Well, the blue's still in the water and the (D)blue's still in the sky And way beyond the blue there's someone (G)watchin' from on high My clothes may be ragged and my (C)shoes may be worn But (G)I've been a wealthy (D)boy since I've been (G)born Chorus 'Cause I (D)call Him when I'm troubled and I (G)call Him when I'm weak And He (D)always pulls me through my troubles (G)some way and I believe He'll (D)be there (He'll be there) He'll (G)be there (He'll be there) Like (D)He always is to answer when I call (G)Him My mother used to tell me I should take it slow The pace is not what matters, it's the direction that you go Keep your feet upon the path and your eyes upon the goal You'll have all the joy a heart could ever hold

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