I Am Lyrics & Chords

By Mark Schultz

(C)I am the (F)maker of the (G)Heavens I (C)am the (F)bright and morning (G)star I (Am)am the (F)breath of all (G)Creation Who always (F)was And is to (G)come I am the One who walked on water I am the One who calmed the seas I am the miracles and wonders So come and see And follow me You will know Chorus (C)I am the (G)fount of living (Am)water The risen Son of (F)man The (G)healer of the (Am)broken And (G)when you cry I (C)am your (G)savior and (Am)redeemer Who (G)bore the sins of (F)man The (G)Author and (Am)Perfecter Beginning and the (F)end I (C)am(F)(Am)(G) I am the spirit deep inside you I am the word upon your heart I am the One who even knew you Before your birth Before you were Bridge (C)Before the (F)Earth (I (Am)am) The (G)universe (I (C)am) In every (F)heart (I (Am)am) Oh, (G)where you are (I am) The (Am)Lord of love (I am) The (G)King of Kings (I am) The (F)Holy lamb (I am) (G)Above all things Chorus2 Yes, I am almighty God your father The risen son of man The healer of the broken And when you cry I am your savior and redeemer Who bore the sins of man The author and perfecter Beginning and the end I am

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