How Great It Is Lyrics & Chords

Verse 1 (C)I listened as a man cried out to his (G)gods of (C)earth and stone, And it (F)broke my heart to see all the (G)tears that he shed (C)alone. And I knew that it was hopeless and he would not re(F)ceive An answer from the (C)gods he (A)served that (G)cannot hear or (C)see. Chorus How (G)great it (C)is to serve a living (F)God Who (D)knows each (G)breath I take and every step I've (C)trod. How (G)great it (C)is to serve a God that's (F)real. Whe (G)sees my (C)every (A)tear and He (G)knows just how I (C)feel. Verse 2 So I fell down on my knees to pray like so many times before, And I only ask my God to hear my prayer, Lord, just once more. And it seemed like the heaven just opened up and I could hear Him say, "Yes, my child, I can hear you, what do you need today?" Chorus How great it is to serve a living God Who knows each breath I take and every step I've trod. How great it is to serve a God that's real. Whe sees my every tear and He knows just how I feel.

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