How Did Moses Cross The Red Sea Lyrics & Chords

By Hugh Mitchell, & J.C. Brumfield

(C)How did Moses cross the Red Sea? (F)How did Moses cross the (C)Red Sea? How did Moses cross the (E)Red (Am)Sea? How (Dm)did he (G)get (C)across? Did he (C)swim? No! No! Did he row? No! No! Did he jump? No! No! No! (G)No! Did he (C)drive? No! No! Did he fly? No! No! How (D)did he get (G)across? Chorus God (C)blew with His wind, huff, (F)huff, huff, huff. He (D)blew just enough, ‘nough, (G)‘nough, ‘nough, ‘nough’ And (C)through the sea He (F)made a (G)path That’s (C)how he (G)got (C)across

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