How Beautiful Heaven Must Be Lyrics & Chords

Written by A.P. Bland and A.S. Bridgewater

(C)We read of a place that's called heaven
It's made for the pure and the (G)free
These(C)truths in God's Word He hath (Am)given
How beautiful (G)heaven must (C)be

(C)How beautiful (G)heaven must (C)be
Sweet home of the happy and (G)free
Fair (C)haven of rest for the (Am)weary
How beautiful(G) heaven must (C)be

(C)In heaven no drooping nor pining
No wishing for elsewhere to (G)be
God's (C)light is forever there (Am)shining
How beautiful (G)heaven must (C)be

(C)Pure waters of life there are flowing
And all who will drink may be (G)free
Rare (C)jewels of splendor are (Am)glowing
How beautiful (G)heaven must (C)be

(C)The angels so sweetly are singing
Up there by the beautiful (G)sea
Sweet (C)chords from their gold harps are (Am)ringing
How beautiful (G)heaven must (C)be

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