Homesick for Heaven Lyrics & Chords

By Kelly Willard

(D)Lately I've been (A)longing for (D)heaven (G)Lately I've been wanting to (D)go   (G)To the place where tears are for(D)gotten (E)To the land where living waters (A)flow    (D)Oh they tell me there are (A)pleasures ete(D)rnal Joy in His presence (G)complete It must be that I'm homesick for (D)heaven And it's Jesus (A)I'm longing to (D)see   Chorus (A)Home-sick for (D)heaven I'm (G)homesick but I (D)haven't any (A)home    It (G)must be that I'm homesick for (D)Je-sus Cause I'm homesick (A)where ever I (D)roam In this world I've (A)known earthly (D)pleasures (G)But they only seem to last a little (D)while (G)Even when I've gathered all my (D)treasure (E)They only seem to bring a little (A)smile (D)But they tell me there's a (A)heavenly (D)store house Eyes that's never seen nor ears that's (G)heard All the things He has in store for those who (D)love Him All His children who (A)stand on His (D)word

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