Homecoming In Heaven Lyrics & Chords

By Willie Nelson, Paul Buskirk, Walt Breeland & Claude Gray

(D)My years have been many my (G)loved ones are (D)gone And I miss them more every (A)day I'm (D)ready to move to that (G)heavenly (D)home And I yearn for the (A)day I can (D)say Chorus (D)Take this (A)ring from my finger these (G)shoes from my (D)feet Take (A)all of my worldly (D)possessions (A)away Just (D)leave me my Bible a (G)date I must (D)keep It's homecoming in (A)heaven for (D)me I'll kiss my old mother shake hands with my dad I know they'll remember their boy We'll all be so happy and I'll be so glad As our cup runneth over with joy

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