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By B.J. Thomas

(D)They say that heavens (G)pretty And (D)living here is too But if they said that I would Have to (G)choose between the (Em)two I'd go (D)home, going (A)home Where I (G)belong (D) And (D)sometimes when I'm (G)dreaming It (D)comes as no surprise That if you look and see The homesick (G)feeling in my (Em)eyes I'd go (D)home, going (A)home Where I (G)belong (D) (G)While I'm here I'll serve him gladly And (Bm)sing him all my (G)songs I'm (D)here, but not for (A)long And when I'm feeling lonely And when I'm feeling blue It's such a joy to know that I am only passing through I'm headed home, going home Where I belong And one day I'll be sleeping When death knocks on my door And I'll awake and find That I'm not homesick anymore I'll be home, going home Where I belong, hmm

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