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By Chris Tomlin

Verse 1 (C)This world is not what it was (Em)meant to be (Am)All this pain, all this (F)suffering (C)There's a better place (Em)waiting for me, In (Am)heaven (F) (C)Every tear will be (Em)wiped away (Am)Every sorrow and (F)sin erased (C)We'll dance on seas of (Em)amazing (Am)grace, In (F)heaven. I'm goin' Chorus (C)Home where the streets are golden (Em)Every chain is broken (Am)Oh I wanna (G)go, (F)oh I wanna go (C)Home where every fear is gone (Em)I'm in Your open arms (Am)where I belong (F) (C)Home Verse 2 Lay down my burdens, I lay down my past I run to Jesus, no turning back Thank God Almighty, I'll be free at last In heaven, In heaven. I'm goin' Chorus Home where the streets are golden Every chain is broken Oh I wanna go, oh I wanna go Home where every fear is gone I'm in Your open arms where I belong Home Bridge (C)Blinded eyes will (F)finally see The (C)dead will rise on (F)shores of eternity The (C)trump will sound, the (Dm)angels will sing Halle(Am)lujah, halle(B)lujah, (F)I am goin' I'm goin' (Am)home (G) (F)I'm on my way (C)home (Em) I'm goin' (Am)home

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