Holy Ghost Revival Lyrics & Chords

By Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Verse 1 (D)The Land is laying Barren Desolation everywhere The Harvest that we long for We Look but it's not there. (Am)The Devil sows his evil (D)seed to (G)thwart the Masters plan (F)tired and (F#m)dis(Fm)couraged the (A)servants work as best they can. Chorus (A)Send down a (D)Holy Ghost (A)Revi(D)val (G)Revive (Fm)us (C#m) (A) Send the rain from Heaven To (D)flood our thirsty (A)Souls (Fm) We (A)need a Holy (D)Ghost (A)Revi(D)val Re(G)vive us Lord Open up the (A)Heavens, take control. Verse 2 The sky seems brass above us as we look for promised rain We sow the seed of precious truth to reep the golden grain But the Spirit's power is what we need to see the harvest come So Lord, send the Holy Spirit Come and glorify your Son. Chorus Send down a Holy Ghost Revival Revive us Send the rain from Heaven To flood our thirsty Souls We need a Holy Ghost Revival Revive us Lord Open up the Heavens, take control. Lyrics found

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