The Holy City Lyrics & Chords

By Eddie Burns & S. Newkirk

(D)There’s a city holy city where the (G)streets are paved with (D)gold And its walls are made of jasper and its (E)beauty can’t be (A)told It’s the (D)home of the redeemed ones who have (G)known God’s saving (D)grace What a happy glad reunion when we (A)meet in that (D)place Chorus (D)John saw that (G)city and the (A)river flowing free Saw the (D)trees trans(G)planted in that (D)city built for (A)you and (D)me In that city holy city where no tears can dim the eyes There will be no disappointment there will be no sacrifice All the saints then will be holy and will live in one accord There’ll be shouting there’ll be singing when we meet with the Lord Over in that holy city we will need no sun to shine We will walk the streets of glory in that happy nest of love It’s a place of wondrous beauty where the saints will never war We will sing glad hallelujah in that home of the soul

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