In The Hills Of Tomorrow Lyrics & Chords

By Eddy Arnold, Owen Bradley & Fred Rose

(D)I'll tell you a story an (G)old fashion (D)story Of (A)the highway that leads to our (D)heavenly way It winds through the clouds up the (G)path way of (D)glory To the (A)hills where we'll roam some sweet (D)day Chorus In the (G)hills of tomorrow (D)free from all sorrow Where (G)old friend will meet in the (D)hills of the (A)sky Travel (D)on travel on to the (G)hills of to(D)morrow Where we'll (A)meet in the sweet by and (D)by The road may be rocky but something will guide you To the ones that you love who are waiting up above So follow the rainbow and they'll walk beside you To the hills where your dreams will come true

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