Highway To Heaven Lyrics & Chords

By The Rochesters

Verse 1 (D)The old preacher man stood there in the pulpit, The (G)church house was empty al(D)most; His eyes filled with tears, his mind filled with memories, Of (E)not so long (A)ago. (D)When the church house was full, not one pew was empty, The (G)altar was stained with Saints (D)tears; As he (G)stands there this morning (D)sounding out the warning; (A)Once again letting them (D)know. Chorus (D)There’s a Heaven to gain, (G)and a Hell to (D)shun; The way is still (A)straight, there’s a race to be (D)run. You can live as you please, (G)but you must pay the (D)cost; And the highway to (A)Heaven still goes by the (D)cross. Verse 2 Some of the members thought he was “old fashion”, Unwilling to change with the times. So they found a new church with more modern day preachers, Who were willing to let things go by. But the old preacher stood for what he believed in, And what he had preached forty years; As he stands there this morning in a near empty church house, His opening remarks are these words: Chorus There’s a Heaven to gain, and a Hell to shun; The way is still straight, there’s a race to be run. You can live as you please, but you must pay the cost; And the highway to Heaven still goes by the cross.

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