Hide Thou Me Lyrics & Chords

By L.R. Tolbert & Thoro Harris

Verse 1 (C)Sometimes I (G)feel (C)discouraged and I (F)think my work in (C)vain I’m tempted (G)oft to (C)mur(A)mur, to (D)grumble, and (G)complain But (C)when I (G)think of (C)Jesus and (F)what He’s done for (E)me. Then I (F)cry to the Rock of (C)A(A)ges (D)Hide (G)Thou (C)me. Chorus O (G)Rock of (C)Ages (F)Hide Thou (C)me. There’s no (G)other (C)re(A)fuge none can (D)save but (G)Thee. Through (C)life’s dark (G)vail I (C)wander so (F)far, far from (E)Thee Then I (F)cry to the Rock Of (C)A(A)ges (D)Hide (G)Thou (C)me. Verse 2 I have a friend in Jesus blest anchor of my soul I feel His presence ever when stormy billows roll. And when I think of Jesus…and what He’s done for me I cry to the Rock of Ages .hide Thou me. Chorus O Rock of Ages, hide Thou me, No other refuge, have I but Thee. When life's dark vale I wander, far, far from Thee; Then, I cry, O Rock of Ages, hide Thou me. Verse 3 Sometimes I feel I cannot…go one step farther on. My body’s growing older and faltering steps begun But when I think of Jesus and what He’s done for me I cry to the Rock Of Ages hide Thou me.

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