He's Walking In My Shoes Lyrics & Chords

By B.J. Thomas

Verse 1 (C)He used to walk this earth With (Em)sandals on His (Am)feet Many (F)people would gather (C)around Just to hear Him (G)speak With His (F)hands He'd heal the (C)sick And open the (Em)eyes that could not (Am)see And just to (Dm)think that life that lives in Him Is (G)now a part of me Chorus Now He's (C)walking in my (Em)shoes He's (F)singing with my (C)voice He's (F)reaching out with my (C)hands Helping (Dm)someone make the right (G)choice He's (C)smiling with my (Em)face (F) He's showing me the (C)way (F)And I'm so glad that (C)I can be a (G)part He's living in my (C)heart Verse 2 With his voice He'd speak And calm an angry sea Yet He said that one day We'd do greater things than He He forgave the men that nailed Him to a tree And just to think that His spirit Now lives inside of me Chorus Now He's walking in my shoes He's singing with my voice He's reaching out with my hands Helping someone make the right choice He's smiling with my face He's showing me the way And I'm so glad that I can be a part He's living in my heart

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