He's Sweet I Know Lyrics

By Mahalia Jackson

Chorus (G)He's sweet I know, (C)He"s sweet I (G)know Dark clouds may rise and (A)strong winds may (D)blow But, (G)I can the world (C)wherever I may (G)go That I have found a Savior and (D)He's sweet I (G)know (G)I can't forget when (C)I was (G)sad Head hanging down and my (A)soul feeling (D)bad But, (G)all I could say was (C)"Lord, take my (G)heart" You know, Jesus heard me praying and He (D)gave me a (G)song Sometimes I'm tried yy Satan's snares And my burdens seem so hard to bear And I'm talked about, Lord in whatever I do But, I know a Savior and He'll take me on through

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