Here's My Everything Lyrics & Chords

By The Erwins

Verse 1 (C)You formed me with Your holy (G)hands (F)before (Am)my birth You (C)planned Your perfect (G)purpose for me (F)on this earth (Dm)I want to be all You (Em)created me to (Am)be. Cause for (Dm)all You've done You deerve the (Gm)glory Chorus Here's my (F)every(C)thing. I give You (Gm)every part of (C)me I sur(F)render, my (Dm)hopes my plans, my (G)dreams, You're so (C)amazing Makes me wish that (Gm)I had more to (C)bring, Lord please (F)take it, Here's My (G)Every(C)thing Verse 2 Lately I've been learning more about Your Love Finding for my every need it is enough, Though I'm never more aware of my own unworthyness, then when I come and bow before Your holiness Chorus Here's my everything. I give You every part of me I surrender, my hopes my plans, my dreams, You're so amazing Makes me wish that I had more to bring, Lord please take it, Here's My Everything Bridge (C)I have nothing (A#)I can (F)boast of, cause If there's (G#)any good in (G)me, it's all because of (F)You Lord, so I (G)pledge my offer(Am)ing

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