Here With Me Lyrics & Chords

By MercyMe

(A)I long for your (Em)embrace (G)Every single (D)day To (A)meet you in this (Em)place And (G)see you face to (D)face Will you (A)show (Em)me? Re(G)veal yourself to (D)me Because of your (A)mer(Em)cy I (G)fall down on my (D)knees Chorus And I can feel your (A)presence here with (Em)me Suddenly I'm (G)lost within your (D)beauty Caught up in the (A)wonder of your (Em)touch Here in this (G)moment I (D)surrender to your love Verse 2 You're everywhere I go I am not alone You call me as your own To know you and be known You are holy And I fall down on my knees Bridge (Csus2)I sur(Gsus2)render to your (D)grace (Csus2)I sur(Gsus2)render to the (Bm)one who took my (Csus2)place

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